• Alrighty, I just got done playing a game of global with my buddies, and I was Japan.  We don’t play any of this alpha setup stuff, so it was out-of-the-box rules.  I’m sure that’ll get me 100 posts on “why not”, but I digress.

    I think it’s suicide for Japan to bring the USA into the war before turn 3, so I figured why not try the J3 India crush if I’m out of it until then anyways.  I signed my pact with the USSR player and proceeded to set up my transports and planes to hit India.

    What needs to happen for this to work is you need to position your planes the first turn in Kwangsi.  ALL of them (except what’s on the carriers).  Second turn you build an airbase (and possibly a naval base) in Kwangsi and go after China with all of your planes.  You MUST prevent the Chinese player from recapturing Yunnan on thier second turn.  You are then free to hit India with ALL your planes.  Once you take it, convert the complex back to a major and crank out troops to invade the DEI, or West Africa, or the USSR, or whatever.

    You should be overwhelming, but a good India player will have about twenty-four 2’s and five 4’s plus AA fire, so you never know.  This dice could decide it all, but this really helps the axis where they need it the most.  If it works, that is.

  • Why not? 😉

  • @robbie358:

    You MUST prevent the Chinese player from recapturing Yunnan on thier second turn.

    In other words, you want your strategy dependent on the dice. If China hits 2-3 hits on turn 1 against your attack, you will only have 1-2 units there, and they ought to recapture it fairly easily.

  • Plus, the OOB setup is already known for the ease of a Japan crush on India.  Hence all the alpha setups.

  • I thought OOB was the clear Allied victory set up? I loved playing the Axis and winning that way.  And I agree, Japan has tto move FAST, and get some allied attention on herself before even a skilled German player cant keep the Americans away.

  • J1 is the right move for Japan using OOB.

    But why play OOB.  It’s unbalanced.

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