Moving on-board supplies and retreating into a city hex with enemy trucks and/or

  • Hello all the BOTB fans,

    I’ve read the rules and the FAQ and played the game a few times, but I’m still not sure about the following:

    1. Can a truck in the enemy ZOC pick up supplies and move them to an adjacent hex via a rode during the movement phase? For example, allies decide to withdraw to an adjacent hex and they happen to have a truck with them. Can they use this truck to move the supply tokens or do they have to leave them for the axis?

    2. The rules say that combat units project ZOC. What about trucks and supplies? I had a situation when the Axis blitzing tanks were cut off from retreat by Allied units’ ZOC in a city hex, but the Axis attacked those allied units and eliminated all of them except for a truck and supplies. Now, when those German tanks are attacked, they can’t retreat to a hex that’s not adjacent to allied units (because allies still have that truck and supplies), but on the other hand, trucks and supplies aren’t combat units and don’t project ZOC, so is it ok for those tanks to retreat? Also, since you can retreat into an enemy controlled (but unoccupied) city hex and you can capture supplies and truck during movement phase, can those tanks retreat accross the frontline into the city hex with the truck and supplies?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Official Q&A

    Welcome, surgeukr!

    1. The Supplies may be moved.

    2. The Tanks may retreat into the city hex, assuming that no adjacent hexes contain Allied combat units.

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