Strategy: Operation Stall

  • G1: Kill British Navy,Take Normandy,Soften France, take control of Yugoslavia, build up a Baltic navy, quietly mass up in land units while stalling US/UK, buy trns,inf, and protection for trns. Your role is to hold of GB/US, take neutrals, and squeeze Russia. You also might bring the war to South America, if Italy cant, or you jointly do it together.


  • Operation stall :?

    The name sounds like something the SU should do. The germans should be looking to attack the SU as quick as possible and gain as much territory there as fast as possible. The Italians should take normandy and southern france and they should do the stalling while Germany takes the SU or Germany should hold fra for a while when the Italians are be the holepuncher (a strategy I plan on exploring. More to come later) and then swap into the holding role while Germany attack the SU

  • isn’t the whole idea that the axis needs to win quick because they have more initial troops but if the allies have time they can build a larger force?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Yes Aaron.

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