• I have been reading a lot of posts but is all hip or is the game that good? I own the original AA and after playing it a few times back in the day we converted it to play a bit like risk in other words have a home base and conquer territory and we just recently started again. The reason was because it was too easy to finish the game or the outcome was determined almost in the first few turns.

    My question is this new version less predictable or the game is over in 2 to 3 rounds?

    Some thoughts from season veterans would be appreciated.

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    I have been playing since '97 and own every version excluding the original 1981 Nova Games version.  Europe 1940 is one of the best versions to date. I’m not sure which is better Anniversary or Europe 1940. My games have yielded radically different outcomes each game. Definitely buy it.

    On a side note If you feel like you have the space and time also pick up Pacific 1940. On its own its not nearly as good as Europe 1940 but when combined with Europe 1940 both of these games really shine. For reference a game of Global 1940 (Europe 1940 + Pacific 1940) take about twice as long as a typical game of A&A.

  • I’d recommend buying it. It’s a million times more in-depth than the original AA, much more to think about and many different tactics to try. Combine it with Pacific 1940 and you end up with an epic game. If you can finish Global in 2 or 3 rounds I want you to video tape that and send me a copy.

    It’s worth the buy if you have friends who are willing to play with you.

  • I just played my first game and it’s fantastic, thank god I have the ipc from my original game 😉
    I’m extremely happy and I will buy the Pacific soon.
    Is it me or the Axis have a good advantage, I landed in UK in round 2 and I stopped playing because my friend gave up after I was about to take out USSR. US was becoming a big threat but a bit too late, we played together both side to try to maximize are learning curve. We will try different approaches to try to defeat the Axis.

  • '12

    I appreciate the feedback, as I am about to buy Europe 1940.  I currently own Pacific 1940, and have really enjoyed that so far… from all of the feedback on the forums, it sounds like Europe and especially global are even better!

  • i adore those games and the option for combining them!

    it gives the opportunity to recognize in detail the two theatres and in combining them to use this knowledge actively!

  • Bought AAE40 last month.
    It’s the best. I can’t wait to get AAP40 and go global.
    3 of us play and rotate being powers. Games go much longer than 2 or 3 rounds and are no way predictable.

  • Not predictable, I agree because of the luck of the dice, but I have played 3 times since I got the game and using Germany on turn 1 take France and turn 2 I take UK and it work all 3 times, and after that it was over. I will try to use the Allies and see if I can counter the German but we look at it in all angles and the odds are against the Allies, that is my opinion.

    Regardless I will use the Allies and try something different and I hope the outcome will be different.

  • It seems as though you would have to be lucky in your Turn 1 navy battles to be able to Sea Lion in Turn 2.  I’d be interested to see how you did it 3 times in a row.

    We’ve played twice: Axis won once and Allies won once.  But it does seem to me that it is more difficult for the Allies to win if the Axis play well.

  • The most important detail is to buy 2 transports on round 1 for Germany, so far this works great and I want to try to find a blocking move with UK. If anybody has one I would like to hear it.

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