Any players in the Philadelphia Area?

  • I’m interested in getting a game going in philadelphia.  Is there already a spot established?  Any other A&A players out there?

  • Hello,
          Myself and a couple of others have been playing A&A global 1940 occasionally on the weekends split between Delaware and Chester counties.  We might be interested in another person or 2.  What is your A&A background ?

    Bill, Tom, Mike

  • I’ve played A&A for years now.  Mostly against the A.I. of the cd-roms.  Just started to play on line against live opponents.  I’ve played the board game with friends or family maybe a dozen times.  It’s hard finding people interested enough to teach how to play.  Usually whenever I bring up A&A we end up playing monopoly or feudel instead.  How often do you guys get together for a game?

  • we usually get together sunday mornings once or twice a month.

  • Cool.  How long have the three of you been playing each other?  Do you meet some place public?  Like a hobby shop or games store etc.?

  • we have been playing for a couple of years.  we shift around between our homes.

  • Nice.  So, you’ve been playing a couple of years and live in different counties, I can then assume you guys are not teenagers and meet fairly regular.  Sounds good to me.  What’s next?  Should we meet up somewhere public?  Make sure no one is a psycho……I’m sure you and your buddies wouldn’t want some stranger in there house waiting for an opportunity to go snooping around.  I for one don’t want to get sucked into some weird sick scenario. 😄

  • Our ages range from early 30s to late 40s. I’m a blue colar guy the others are engineers.  I’ll check and see about meeting public with the other guys.  If you have any ideas on a location let me know.

  • I am also in my 30’s and a blue collar worker.  With Xmas and New Year’s the next 2 weekends it might be tough.  Here’s my email,  (Before you laugh…it’s an old account set up for me as a joke year’s ago.)  Talk to the guys and maybe we can get some drinks after work.

  • Oh, by the way my name is Jeff.  😄

  • Jeff,
    What area are you comming from ?  I would like to try to find a place convenient for all of us.

  • Northeast Philly (Rhawnhurst area).  I’m just inside the city limits.  I can hop on I-95, The Boulevard, or even the Turnpike.  They are all within 5 to 15 minutes from my house.  I’m on the road alot so I’m very familiar with alot of different areas in and around the city.  I will meet just about anywhere.  How far from center city are you?

  • I’m in the West Chester area.  The other guys near Media.

  • Media and West Chester hmm…. well anything close to the blue route is easy enough for me.  Something during the week would also be cool.  With the holidays and now the snow I can’t say definitely what day is good for me this week.  However, next week is wide open.  Maybe a Tuesday or Thursday night.  Do you know of any cool bars with good eats on 420, 320, 252 or Baltimore Pike in Media?

  • I personally can’t do weeknight gaming as a get up for work at 1 a.m.  That is one of the reasons we usually settle on sun mornings.  Basically anything sat afternoon thru mon afternoon fits my schedule.  That doesn’t mean you and the other guys can’t work something out during the week. I could maybe do a weekday afternoon though.

  • Are you guys still interested in playing?

  • I play and live in the philly area

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