• if you have 7 or more of units that have the same attack value, such as 7+ infantry, or 5 tanks and 2 fighters, or 7 bombers etc. do you get to roll 12 dice as long as you have 7 or more of the same unit or same attack value. thank you

    cheers 😎

  • If you have 7 units, you roll 7 dice.
    If you got 12 units, you roll 12 dice
    If you got 20 units, you first roll the 12 dice, then you roll another 8 dice, for the rest of your troops. I
    f you have 1 troop, you roll 1 die.

  • What if you have 12 infantry but some are Iraqi regular troops. How do you know how many have surrendered before you roll your dice?

  • Well, this is only a very crude approximation, the real world isn’t always as nice and clean as a board game.

  • I for one am totally confused as to what good ol’ dan here is asking. Please clarify! 😄


  • I thought I knew but after re-reading the orginal question I think he is asking if you can roll 12 dice if you have 7 or more units all of the same attack value.

    I think they should have shipped the game with 4 dice colours. I’ve managed to find lots of colours “Red’s a 4, 4 blacks are 3s, the green is the sub and the blue is the carrier!”. I have a special trick die that has two 1s, two 2s and two 3s. I of course never use it for real…… 🙂


  • But why should you roll 12 dice when you have 7 units?
    I tried to cover as most as I could by giving a very general answer.

  • I’m not sure if that was what he meant, that was what I understood however as silly as it sounds. I think you covered it as best as it could be covered Meijing.


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