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    I’m going to be playing some global with the updated rules on the weekend. It’ll be my first time playing alpha+ and my first time playing global US. I played 4 games of global OOB and we had some bad US players and some OK US players (don’t have a lot of mates with A&A experience) so I still don’t know what a good US opening looks like. What kind of strategies should I consider? How much is a good split for KIF or KJF? What should I generally buy on turn 1? How many transports is enough? What ships in general to purchase when throwing a fleet together? I’m worried that Japan will pick up 6 victory cities if I go KIF, but I also have no idea what to expect or even generally how to go about killing Japan efficiently in a KJF. Thoughts?

  • turn 1 pay to upgrade W US factory or build minor in Mexico
    Buy trannies to carry all of Central and Eastern US to Europe.
    build navy out of West to start task force one

    full transports with minor escort from E US possible 2 DD & CV
    create new pacific task force CV FTR Tac BB DD CA
    rinse repeat :)

  • I build A CV and 2 Ftrs each turn. 3 tech rolls first turn (using AA50 tech tokens) netted me Jet Fighters  :-D.  By US4 I had 3 (soon to be 4) CVs outside SF with 5 Ftrs and a Tac.  2 CVs with 4 Ftrs in the Atlantic.  When I ramped up to 82 IPCs then comes the simultaneous transport build on both sides (more on Atlantic, KGF, imo) along with inf for a USA 5 or USA D-Day.  This way you ensure fleet support for your transports.  Learned my lesson a long time ago in AA50 when my opponent sacked his air force but completely decimated my D-Day fleet setting me back 3 turns.

    I’ve also considered doing an Strat Bomber/Ftr build, but the new Alpha+1 rules kind of change that.  The idea would be to knock out Germany’s ability to produce frankly anything, along with killing the Luftwaffe exactly how the US actually did it: using the 8th Air Force to ‘escort’ (in quotes because they were really hunting the Luftwaffe) the bombers and take out the German fighters.  Haven’t tested this though cause it has 2 downfalls: longer time until USA gets D-Day going, and also practically leaves the USA in the dust fleet wise against Japan, which you CAN NOT do now with the new VC rules.

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