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    Are you required to unload ALL units on the transport, when you amphibiously assault?

    Say you pick up 1 inf, 1 art, and attack a territory.

    do they BOTH have to unload?

    My understanding is YES they do, and that you can’t hold units in reserve.

  • Yes, you have to do that if the unloading is a combat move.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I think this answer will fall under the definitive differences between non-combat and combat moves.

    I can’t call any old move a combat move, unless it results in some kind of combat right?  that can be taking a convoy, attacking a territory (Even if empty), or actually rolling dice.

    If I move armor from Berlin to Poland, and the territories are mine, it is NCM

    If I move armor from Berlin to France, and attack, it is combat.

    If I load a transport and attack with the units on board that is combat.

    If I load a transport for the sake of having it loaded with that unit or units… that is a NCM.

    All combat moves have to be declared on the map, before dice rolling can begin, the act of moving a unit, not in combat, is a non combat move, and thus CANNOT be done on the combat turn, hence you cannot choose to fully load a transport, launch an amphibious attack, and then choose to unload only half of the said transport.

    The rule should read, that a transport cannot do both a combat, and non combat move.  Because it is a noncombat move to load a ground unit onto a transport, to not have it unload somewhere, even if declared, with the exception that a naval battle fails and the transport is forced to retreat.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Found it in the Pacific 1940 Rulebook, page 31

    Loading and Offloading: A transport can load cargo in friendly sea zones before, during, and after it moves. A transport
    can pick up cargo, move one sea zone, pick up more cargo, move one more sea zone, and offload the cargo at the end of
    its movement. It can also remain at sea with the cargo still aboard (but only if the cargo remaining aboard was loaded in a
    previous turn or was loaded this turn in the Noncombat Move phase).

    During an amphibious assault, a transport must either offload all units that were loaded during the Combat Move phase or
    retreat during sea combat
    . It can also offload any number of units owned by the transport’s power that were already on board
    at the start of the turn.

    🙂  I knew my gut was right!

    Thanks Cal, for once 😉

  • I am pleased to see that this issue was solved in a gentle way, man.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Is that sarcasm? 😛

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