• Well with this new scramble rule Erie could be a pretty good use out of the allies… because US can capture it, build an airbase then use 3 planes to protect boats that Britain builds and other things of that nature.

    Any thoughts?

  • Could be a good idea, but more often than not by the time the US could get a transport over there to land men on Eire to claim it, they would bring with it a large enough fleet to protect the UK fleet in the english channel, which is a more useful sz at that point.

  • eh good point… :-P

  • Nice catch OP, hadn’t seen that one mentioned before. I think its a decent move for the US to build an AB there. If/when the Sealion threat passes, SZ 119 could be a nice spot for the Brits to move a Canadian-built fleet with US fighter cover.

    kdfsjljklgjfg’s point is well-taken, usually the US will bring a sizeable fleet. But with the VC changes in the newest rules, the US might have to do things on the cheap in the Atlantic just to avoid losing in the Pacific.

    The US could “hide” their starting Atlantic transport up in SZ 122 on US1 or 2, and take Eire with it once war is declared, flying 3 fighters to Gibraltar the same turn. Next turn, UK can move its Canadian fleet, if any, to 119; then the US builds the AB and lands fighters. The US has all those forces to begin with, so a minimum of 15 could be spent in the Atlantic for the first few turns to get 3 4’s defending the west coast of the UK. Any Sealion threat pretty much kills this one though, the Germans will just amphib the planes.

  • '20 '19 '18 '15 '13

    Problem is, the US can’t approach Eire under the Neutrality rules until they are at war, in which case they can just land on UK anyway.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Eire is a wasted smudge on the map, like greenland, and all of South America.

    It’s better just to forget about it.

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