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Question to Krieghund

  • "SZ A - SZ B - SZ C

    In A we got a AC and a sub, in b there are 100 enemy Battleships, in C there are some valuable targets you want to hit with air. You may fly now 2 Ftr in there, needing there total range of 4, and attack B with just the sub. This would be a legal move, cause the sub has the chance of killing all enemy BB."

    Is this legal on Revised? I’m assuming yes (my memory recalls you answering it a long time ago) but I can’t find the topic and I want to be sure.

  • Official Answers

    Yes, it’s legal.

  • Thank you for the quick answer. 🙂

    You might want to consider adding this issue to the Revised FAQ/Errata (just using the wording on the AA50 manual would do it). This issue turns up every once in a while on forums.

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