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Shady world Future

  • so ne way. we went into Iraq with out full UN support. i am okay with this, but, what about Russian and Georgia. u think Russia will use this event to take action in Georgia? also China and Taiwan, they can do the same thing. and with the US involved or will be involved with N Korea. China going into Taiwan could start something big.

    what are your thoughts?

  • Russia and Chechnya you mean?

  • lol, thats what i meant ty Yanny.

    (to much Ghost Recon) 😉

  • If they go into countries to fight “terrorism” or to “protect their national security” what could we really say against it ???

  • exactly 😉

  • What has stopped the Russians from going into Chechnya? Though Taiwan…. don’t really think I can or the Chinese can see them as a threat to national secruity. :-?

  • the Chinses may bot see them as a threat. but its a slap in the face that it exists. the fact that Tawian exists pisses of China as much as Nazi Germany would think of Israel 😉

  • Which gives no right for Nazi Germany to invade Israel. 😉

  • Totally agree, DasEwokSS–starting this war in this fashion was a big mistake. Both the anti-war & pro-war factions in the UN should’ve realized what was happening & worked harder to develop some compromise (like a new Resolution with a “hard” deadline for a change). That way we could’ve presented a united front against rogue regimes. Now that the UN has been discredited in this fashion, there is a danger of such situations as you mentioned occurring…


  • o i am for the way in which we handled this, i think China has every right to attack taiwan, as does Russia with Chechniya (spelling) survival of the fittest. but i think by doing it this way its gonna eventully lead to a War with the Super Powers. which could either make the future bright or dark from a certain point of veiw 😉

  • Hmmm…not sure “survival of the fittest” is really a viable political idea. Hasn’t that been tried before? 😉


  • Yeah, those “hard” deadlines for one. cough cough

  • Taiwan like has nuclear weapons.

  • and like if, it falls really quickly it wont use them 😛

  • @TG:

    Yeah, those “hard” deadlines for one. cough cough

    OK, I was saying a “US-style” “hard” deadline, rather than the “UN-style” “you’ve got 15 days…ok 60 days…ok 1 year…ok 12 years” “hard” deadline. Ya got me :roll: …

    Re: “survival of the fittest” I meant DasEwokSS’s suggestion that its ok for powerful nations to swallow weaker ones because that’s somehow the natural order of things. May work for Ewoks, not for humans. I assume he was being tongue-in-cheek…


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