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Global Factories finished being painted…

  • I finished painting my factories for my Global game.  The first 2 are generic just in case someone goes crazy buying factories.  I have several of each type for each country.

    Don’t have a roundel/flag I like yet for ANZAC.  Still looking.


  • Simple but very effective.  I like it!  Those waterslide decals are handy too, arent they?  🙂

  • They are looking good docfav. I need to get back in touch with you soon, our last face to face was excellent and we need a repeat!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I need to get back in touch with you soon, our last face to face was excellent and we need a repeat!

    What was it like for you bunny?

    2 bright lights, a bump, a crunch, and then perpetual darkness? 😄

  • Sad to say it but I think my friend (Anzac, China, Russia) and I (US and UK) had him (Japan) and his German opponent on the ropes. There was some touch and go moments, especially with a surprise late sealion attempt on round 4 (he got me down to one unit but lost his airforce and his navy next turn, he only brought 2 transports worth of ground units and I had a LARGE UK fleet). Overall good game, it was at a convention in CT and we were interrupted by auctions and sales for his company etc. Doc conceded because of time that is why we need a rematch.

  • We were wondering what happened to you guys for the day after Thanksgiving?!?!?  Japan was giving you guys a run in India.  It was mine!  I thought you guys conceded due to time?

  • We both had prior family engagements, thought I mentioned that in our last email, and Germany was a paper tiger after the sealion bid and all the failed tech rolls. Yes you were pushing India, and I probably would have lost it, but the us fleet was moving and ready to rumble, not to mention ANZAC actually had a BB and a fully loaded AC fleet ready to move! UK had sealed up Africa and Germany had a one layer offensive into Russia (no backup inf on the way). By the way you slipped the +10 IPC for Japan rule into the original Alpha setup when we played. That is part of the improved Alpha i think, Jim and I had never played with the Alpha setup before that so we never noticed.

    I still think it would have been close. But I distinctly remembering you folding during the auction due to time after we decided to call it (9 hours of game-play) but I may be wrong.

    Also I will send you some links concerning the tactical game I mentioned that we should demo next year at Ellis Con. I have made Terrain and stuff for it over the past few weeks. Its Axis & Allies on steroids.

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