• Would it be a good idea to save up all the money you get for about 5 turns and then declare war on some body and buy a navy from all the money you have saved up and invade? Please answer

  • For 5 full turns?  I’d say no.  You would have a monster of a navy, but you’d be completely out of position and unable to use it for another couple of turns while you get into a position to be able to do anything.

    I think it’s better to have a general plan and start building/moving units around based on that and modify as the game progresses.

  • Plus, on turn 5, you can still only place 30 units total split into 3 section.  5 turns worth of IPC is 330 (assuming you kept all territories and got your bonuses).  You buy 16 Battleships if you like.  But it wouldn’t do you any good.

    Buy as you go and have a plan.

  • Saving for a turn or even  2 can make sense (in Global, if you want to keep the Axis in the dark about your plans), but for some units that you will buy anyway, such as ground forces, i wouldn’t wait (you can put them in Central USA so they can still move either way), and if you’re going to buy subs: do it early on, so they have time to be deployed and sent forward.

    As for that element of deception, you can even place it on 1 side (pacific/atlantic) and the next turn the ships will be on the other side, within a 2 space reach of either Hawaii or Gibraltar.

    Anyhow, like Rorschach says: it’s good to have a plan.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    How about, you spend your money every turn, and slowly build up a navy, creeping it in to position, buy units to fight the axis, and have a chance at winning the game?

  • This might be something fun to try if I was playing a someone who did not have very much experience with the game but an experienced player would make you pay for this I think.

  • You should always buy something because you never know if something unpredictable will happen, and you’ll be in some way prepared.
    Also, the “save all your cash” move might not work too well, because you have a limited number of units you can buy on a turn.  I know 20 for the east coast seems like a hell of alot, but when you’re talking ships AND planes AND transports AND infantry AND tanks/artillery, you might be short.

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