Feedback on my Kraut strategy.

  • buy 4 inf 4 tnks
    1)take fighter in urk and attack brit sub
    2)take inf in S europe and use one to attack egypt with blizing tank and inf.
    3) with support of battleship unload other inf from S Europe to syria
    4)use other africa inf and occupy south
    5)use sub + W europe fighter attack battleship in gibralter.
    6)use sub + norway fighter + berlin fighter to attack other battleship and transport
    7)with 2 inf “bridging” from berlin (via baltic transport) attack karilia with everything possible except bomber. (11inf, 7tanks, 1fighter)
    🆒rocket+bomb moscow
    PS) all fighters except one in lybia land in w europe
    unit placement (with “world at war” rules):
    1 inf in algeria
    1 inf in norway
    1 inf in urk
    1 inf in e europe

    4 tanks in berlin

    please take into account that some of these rules may be modifications. i think i had better get a rulebook and check to see if half of this stuff is legal.

  • PS I have no idea how mr smiley got there!

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    the number 8 followed by ) = 🆒


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  • Although your assuming Russia didnt attack (or use that rules variant) This Strategy seems pretty sound. I’d Buy more infantry than tanks though, just to keep the ratio down. You also might want to wait to attack Egypt till T2, purely because your force is easily counterable by the Indians and Syrians.

  • are you using the not-attack rule for russia??
    because i think any russian player would attack urk in T1, well i would any way.
    then there are 3inf,2tanks, and 1fighter less to attack kar.
    then the chance to win the kar fight is not that big, considdering russia build 8inf in kar…

    i allso think the you dont have to wait to attack syr in T2, because the indians wont move (iff they’re smart)

    or am i missing somthing….??
    gtz Nils

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