• I am going to be doing this soon and i have beem really worried about make the map unfair to one side or the other.
    I want to know if anyone else has had this idea.
    I think it would be really awesome if there where defferent map to fight on map more ground battles for the other powers and stuff.

  • I’ve never tried, but I think mother nature did a great job of creating an interesting map 🙂 I understand you might want to have more land battles, but, to me, it’s the mix of air, naval, and land units that makes the game more fun. Plus, the Eurasia continent has a lot of land battles happening.

    To answer you question, I don’t think you’ll be able to design a balanced map only by theory. You,ll need to playtest it a couple times to make it more balanced. Even Larry Harris himself has to do this. So us mere mortals should do the same.

  • Yes. The map that comes with the game is too small. Over the years have hand drawn maps four times. Very tiresome. Did graphics for twenty years so made the last on the computer. Had it printed out and laminated at Kinkos. Its about a third larger, but individual countries (i.e., Germany, southern Germany, Great Britian, etc.) are proportionately oversize to handle all the equipment.

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    maps are located under my signature.

  • Thanks for posting those maps for us. The AA42 map is inadaquite  and I want to print out a larger one. I guess I will print on paper and stick to poster board, uless I find a better material for it.

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