• Number 8 reads as follows:

    8. All 3 Minor ICs in the continental US automatically are immediately converted to Major ICs when the US is at war. They can be upgraded at any time for 20 IPCs.

    The rule states they automatically and immediately are converted from Minors to Majors. However the second part states they can be upgraded at any time for 20IPCs…… So I have to pay 60ICPs to upgrade them all or are they automatically and immediately upgraded with no charge…?? A little confusing.

  • Ahh, I think I solved my own question after reading it a bit better. This means when the U.S. is NOT at war it may upgrade the Minors to Majors for 20ICPs at any time…. Correct me if I’m wrong.  😄

  • Yes, they upgrade for free when at war. If however you want it to become a major IC before going to war you must pay 20 IPC as normal per IC.

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