• I’ve played a few rounds of the new setup and my last strategy with Russia seemed to work nicely.

    R1 build 3 Fighters, 1 tank, 1 mech
    R2 build 9 Mech (save 1 IPC 38 end of turn)
    R3 build 9 Mech (save 1 IPC 39 end of turn)
    R4 build 10 Mech

    By the time Germany can make it two territories inton russia, you have an extra 28 Mech infantry.  Big time defences

    The 3 fighters in rd 1 are key as it is rare that Germany attacks on rd1.  Allows you to group them in the airbase in Leningrad and use them to scramble if Germany decides for an amphib assault.

    I find that having Mech rather than regular Inf gives you a couple of advantages.

    1- They get to the front quicker
    2- Once the US is in and opens a front on the west, they can blitz with your tanks going into Berlin.

    Any thoughts?  Anyone else try this?

  • Why not use the original 2 ftr, 1 tac to scramble from Leningrad?

  • The problem with mech buys is that you will be attacking with a lot of 1’s and not too many 2’s or 3’s.

  • True on the attack.  But getting troops to the front quick when Germany attacks is also very nice.

    I like the 3 extra fighters for later when (and if) you get to go on the attack into Germany.  With the new rule on the Russia/Japan non aggression pact (+12 for the one who gets attacked), Japan going into Russia via Manchuria is almost foolish.  You will be loosing money when Germany invades so fighters later on aren’t on the docket for spending.  The 3 fighters are really for later attacks if the plan goes well.

  • I see.

    I think it’s only +10, not 12.

  • I’m very pro-Russian mech myself. They have served me the best by allowing the Russians to quickly position massive counterattacks that force the Germans to back off. In other words, while the Germans might be able to push to Leningrad or into the group of 2ipc southern territories in the early game, the ability of the Russian mech to get into attack range quickly tends to prevent the German army from camping out and collecting Russian IPCs.

    Of course–as Calvin notes–Russia benefits greatly by having some offensive units to go with the mech. Personally, I find that building a few tanks to keep with the mech stack, along with some early artillery purchases gives the Russians a mobile  counterattack that limits the flexibility of the German player while enhancing your own.

    As far as the Russian airforce R1 buy—I used to love this, when the Russians could take neutral territories, as the fighters (place in Volgo) would attack Iraq on R2. With the new rules preventing this, I would probably take Calvin’s advice and use my initial air force as the scramble defense in Novgorod. More air force is good, and probably neccessary, but it may not be needed as quickly as artillery, which is useful to build early so it can be ready to counterattack the front lines R3-R5, etc. Fighters can always be bought later.

  • I may have to try that instead.  Maybe 5 tanks instead of the 3 fighters.  Maybe a tech roll and hope for improved mech infantry?  😉

    Turn 5 or 6 buy some fighters.

  • Last game I played another player who played Germany was going for Sea Lion and by the time he got around to attacking my Rusians, I got a nice stack of tanks and mechs ready at Bryansk (love to build up a ‘Bryansk front’) because from there you can attack basically towards all sides (from Caucasus to Leningrad) and also had bought 2 extra planes and for the rest nothing but infantry and artillery.

    My buys are usually inf+art for Leningrad and tank+mech for Stalingrad. And for the rest, an early plane buy (at least 2 extra) and lots of infs and arties in Moscow.

  • My buddies come into Russia pretty hard. The Germans do build a couole transports but only to threaten Sealion if I am sleeping and land troops in Lenningrad.

    So usually Russia goes pretty infantry heavy building a tank, mech, and artillery per turn. I love having mechs and tanks as Russia. The German stacks are usually full of these fast moving units and that causes me troubles. I just end up in these 80 vs 75 pip stand offs where I need my 10@2’s to keep up

  • @calvinhobbesliker:

    I think it’s only +10, not 12.

    It’s 12 as of Alpha +.1 for Japan only and 10 for Russia.

    As it’s in Japan’s interest to attack Russia, but it wasn’t in Russia’s interest to attack Japan, so it’s a slightly stiffer penalty to Russia (get’s less cash if Japan attacks and Japan gets more if Russia attacks).

  • @kcdzim:


    I think it’s only +10, not 12.

    It’s 12 as of Alpha +.1 for Japan only and 10 for Russia.

    Actually, I just checked: it’s 12 for both.

  • Russia normally(at least in the games I play) ends up on the defense at first. Thus a mix of guys and tanks is best I belive. Guys to soak up front line damage and tanks one area behind to counter attack if possible. And if Germany doesn’t attack then you push forward with the guys and the tanks.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I’m toying with an odd bomber or two.

    It’s strictly for the counter attacks russia has to do along the eastern front.

    Say Russia had 3 or 4 bombers,  that’s 3 or 4 territories, you can cover with +4 support during your micro-counters.  It’s also a fleet killer if Germany is going to have any sort of navy in the baltic.

    The reward is that you don’t have to risk/use/leave equipement along the eastern front - like tanks and artillery, because you’ve got the air power to backup your infantry.

    Fighters could do the trick as well I suppose, and are better on defense… but the range options with bomber+airbase are just to juicy to resist…

  • I’ve taken a liking to a 6 art 1 tac R1
    7 art 1 fighter R2
    alternating between a fighter and a tac every turn thereafter with everything else spent on inf.

    Gives your Russian stack some teeth while not skimping on numbers too much.  A lot depends on what Germany purchases its first couple turns as well as what turn you think they’ll be attacking, however.

  • TripleA

    round1 7artillery, 3infantry

  • @allweneedislove:

    round1 7artillery, 3infantry

    And on subsequent rounds?

  • Last game I bought one tank for every mech. i bought, making my army very mobile and I busted open the southern  front near italy. (I also got lucky and developed advanced mech. infantry)

  • What does advanced mech do again?

  • I believe advanced mech. inf. allows for them to attack with a two when supported by a tank.

  • TripleA



    round1 7artillery, 3infantry

    And on subsequent rounds?

    more infantry and artillery, but in lower proportions of artillery to infantry. if germany has went for sealion then in round 3+ switch to almost all mechanized infantry builds to catch up with your artillery.

  • Advanced Arty would help as well.  However, I don’t think Russia can afford to start rolling TECH unless you use the AA50 token house rule.

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