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    I’ve tried to visit Larry Harris’ website - on 2 separate PCs as well - and it gives me an error message:

    “You have been permanently banned from this website. Your IP address has been logged.”

    Now, I have no idea why this has happened since I have never posted anything, or registered for anything through the website - I’ve only visited to read the forums.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Maybe its because I am logging in from Singapore?


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    Perhaps, but you got this email and it works.

    Others and some from Singapore have been banned due to huge spam coming from that place.

    Second only to UK.

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    I didn’t receive any emails, to be clear. The landing page has this message.

    I had previously been able to visit the website, but am no longer able. To make matters worse, when I click on the Contact Administrator button, and email it, it bounces back!

    So this is a regional ban, not just a personal ban?

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    Yea. Singapore ( Malaya), Philippines, and China are major sources of spammers. If you look at Elbows spam hall of fame list you will find the IP traces showing the nations.

    Just post here and you should be fine. I dont ban IP addresses globally, but i do exterminate all the spammers here and on a daily basis. Probably i get rid of 60 bogus accounts a day.

    It may take me 1.5 hours of work due to the problems of this site ( 50X errors), but i can’t stand them. So its a labor of love driving them back to hell.

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    Great, thanks!

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