• Please explain an Amphibious assult. What vechicals can you use.

  • An amphibeous assault refers to landing troops from a transport onto a land territory to attack.

    Assuming there were no enemy warships in the sea zone that you are unloading from, you get one shot at the start of combat (first round only) for each Battleship and Cruiser in the ‘attacking’ sea zone, up to a maximum of one warship per land unit (INfantry, artillery, tanks or mechanized) coming off your transports.

    Example : You have one transport offloading an Infantry and an Artillery.  In the seazone that you are unloading from you have a Battleship as well.  The battleship gets ONE shot at the enemy before you begin the rest of your combat.

    Example 2 : you are unloading one infantry from a transport, and moving 2 other units in from another land territory (not from a transport).  In the sea zone you have 2 Cruisers and a battleship.  You get ONE shot from (likely) the battleship as you only unloaded one unit from transports.

    Pretty sure this is explained fairly well in the rulebook too.

  • Thanks im just courious

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