Is the game now unbalanced in the other direction?

  • Thoughts on this subject?

  • I believe the axis do have the advantage now.  I am glad everyone stopped denying that the allies had the advantage in out of the box set up and made changes.  I tip my hat to Larry Harris for all the work he has gone through to make this more fun for us.  That being said I have played 4 games of Alpha Plus so far and I believe I have seen enough to know the axis have the advantage now.

    If the US wants to stop Japan from getting 6 victory cities then will have to spend about all it’s points in the Pacific if Japan is spending points on Navy early, killing china with it’s starting forces, and grabbing the money islands.

    The consequences of US not showing up in Europe in a significant number means that axis will then beat down UK and Russia with Italy and Germany who have both been beefed up big time.  The extra units that were just added to Russia will help but I do not believe it will be enough.

    I am in favor of bringing in a multinational attack rule for the allies to represent planning an operation the size of D Day against the axis.  This helps the axis force the allies to still react to them but gives the allies a way to plan a way to sack an axis captial.  The victory conditions for the allies is still that they have to control all three axis captials to win.  This means that even if the allies sack Rome and Berlin but Japan grabs the 6th victory city that the axis win the game.  If the victory conditions remain as is something will have to be done to help the allies now imho.

  • No…I believed it was changed that the axis have to hold all of their capitals in order to win as well. Otherwise its just stupid and very poor game design.

  • when i wrote my original reply alpha was in its early stages. since then lh has gone to great lengths to balance the game. i now am very happy with the new set up and think it is balanced

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