Unlimited production?

  • can you put down unlimited units in areas with industrial complexes? the way i always played was you could only put down as many units as the number of whatever country was on the map. thank you

    cheers 😎

  • You can put down unlimited #s of units on ICs you owned at the beginning of the game. These are: USSR->Russia & Karelia. Germany->Germany & Southern Europe. UK->Great Britain. Japan->Japan Home Islands. USA->East USA & West USA. All others that are built or captured throughout the game are of limited production. That is, an IC built on India may produce up to 3 units per turn. If Southern Europe is captured by an Ally, it may produce up to 6 units a turn. & so on…

    Hope this helps.


  • The rule as Oz said is that you can build (on a new or captured IC) only as many units as the IPC value of the territory the IC is on with a minimun being 1 for 1 and 0 IPC value territories.


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