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  • Updated 12.02.10

    thanks for the replies, Inmajor i do believe you are absolutely correct, the External Gas Tank ability should be acquired through tech. RedHunter, yeah dude bombers and figs are not cheap to toss a way like that, so here’s the deal, i have revised my suggestion:

    My (revised) suggestion to the Alpha+ rule change in this field would be:

    -External Gas Tanks-
    a. Must be purchased on the Purchase/Repair/Tech Units phase for $10 IPCs.
    b. It must be announced on the Combat Movement of a players turn and only when escorting a bomber(s).
    c. This ability will allow any selected fighter(s) that will be involved in the escorting of Strategic Bombers, a 2 extra space movement; bumping their movement from 4 to 6 just like Strategic Bombers.
    d. After SBR phase is complete, fighter movement returns to normal.

    I have also Revised the Fighter Escort/Interceptor combat to be much more simple, also with optional (low-cost) alternative rules.

    -Fighter Escort/Interceptor + Bomber combat Rule suggestion-

    Bomber SBR = A bomber does a total of 2d6 worth of damage to an industrial complex, AB, or NB. (continue reading you’ll understand why)
    Tac SBR = Tacs do 1d6 of damage to AB, NB.

    1. Before Interceptor/Escort combat, both players roll 1 die each, this will determine who gets to go first with a ‘surprise’ attack.
    2. Escorts/Interceptors equally roll on a ‘2’ or less.
    3. Every hit scored does not constitute a kill, but rather inflict damage (5 pts/tokens.).
           a. When fighters are ‘hit’ they may not counter and are removed immediately. (similar to Larry Harris Alpha+1 version)
           b. Fighters become ‘damaged’ not destroyed, 5 damage tokens are assigned to the unit, and their abilities now temporarily read:
              [Attack: 2, Defense: 2, Movement: 2 until repaired.] (this takes effect after the player’s ‘Collect Income Phase’ of the same turn.)
    4. If an Interceptor rolls a ‘6’ it is considered “locked on” to a bomber, and does a special combat against it.
           a. The interceptor must then roll again, this time with the intent of damaging the bomber’s payload. With a die roll of 5 or less the bomber is considered damaged for that amount, a
               die roll of ‘6’ renders a bomber destroyed. (Optional alternative) Bombers cannot be destroyed with a die roll of ‘6’. bombers can only take damage.
           b. Bombers counter attack at 1, if a hit is scored the interceptor is shot down (damaged)
           c. You are allowed more than 1 interceptor to be “locked on” to the same bomber.
    5. Damaged fighters may be repaired at an Air Base or Industrial Complex for 5 IPCs each.
    *****6. Bombers that are not accompanied with escorts are considered ‘locked on’ therefore are subject to interceptor fire @ 1d6 of damage per defending interceptor.

    =Sample Combat:=

    -Combat Movement-
    -The UK sends 3 Escort Fighters and 1 Strategic Bomber to Western Germany with the intent to Strategic Bomb.
    -The UK Player announces his fighters are equipped with External Gas Tanks. (payed $10 IPCs for the research at the beginning of Purchase/Repair/Tech Units Phase)
    -Germany is prepared to counter with 3 fighter interceptors of his own.
    !A battle brakes out over the skies of Western Germany!

    -Both sides roll 1d6-
    *****(this will determine who does the surprise attack)
    UK rolls - 4
    Germany rolls - 6 (Germany goes first)

    -Resolve Fighter/Interceptor Combat-
    •Germany’s 3 Fighter Interceptors surprise the enemy! attack @:
    3, 2, 6         (1 Hit) 1 UK Fighter is damaged and removed from play.

    •UK’s 2 remaining Fighter Escorts defend @:
    1, 4            (1 Hit) 1 German Fighter is damaged and removed from play.

    -Resolve ‘locked on’ combat-
    •Germany rolled a 6 (an Interceptor locked onto the bomber)

    •Germany’s Interceptor attacks the Bomber @:
    4                (the bomber takes 4 damage points)

    •UK bomber counters @:
    2                (Miss)

    -Bomber comes under fire from AA-
    AA fires @:
    6                (Miss)

    -Bomber proceeds to Facility-
    Bomber releases payload @ 2d6:
    3, 5            Total Facility Damage = 4

    Since the bomber took 4 damage pts during its encounter with the escort, it only does 4 total damage to the faciltiy.
    Formula: 2d6 - Damage (from interceptor) = Total Possible Damage to Facility
    8 (2d6 Total) - 4 (Damage from Interceptor) = 4 (Final Facility Damage Points)

    -Non Combat Movement-
    Fighters Escorts & Bombers must then land on friendly territory with their remaining space movements (4 max without External Tanks, 6 max with External Tanks.)

    *****Credits: (made adjustments based on their comments)
    Larry’s Alpha+1.1 Page

  • This is interesting and well thought out. Must be tested. I still like the idea of reducing cost of all fighters to 6 ipc. helps out in alot of other situations too. especially in the Pacific.
    The external gas tanks to extend range of fighters makes sense, but i dont think it should just be a given. Bombing raids against Germany were only marginally sucsessful with extremely high casualty rates until new improved fighters were developed by the Allies to extend range of escorts to accompany them all the way into Germany and back. What i mean is extended fighter range has to be a tech development, not a given.

  • Hmm idk honestly I wouldn’t do the bombing runs anyway. Under the new rules its just not really worth it. Neither side has the resources to throw away on bombers meant for that reason.

  • updated on top

  • Ok, so 1 german ftr and 1 UK ftr are damaged and return to base. 1 German ftr locks on to bomber. What happens to other German and UK ftr? They return to base also?

  • yes, after the SBR phase is complete, all attacking fighters must land on friendly territory with their remaining space movement (4 max if no External Tanks, 6 max with External Tanks).

  • What is the difference between the fighters that are damaged and the fighters that missed?

  • Fighters that are damaged roughly lose around half their abilities @: attack: 2, defense: 2, Movement: 2, they also gain 5 damage points. The reason to this change, was so that players would feel more enthused to strategic bomb knowing they wouldn’t lose a fighter, instead, they could continue using the fighter just at a damaged level. The downgrade in its abilities would be a temporary result until the fighter is repaired at half the price (5 IPCs) of a new fighter.

    Fighters that missed or didn’t get hit, are free to return to base like in the OoB rules.

    One other thing i forgot to mention, bombers that are not accompanied with escorts are considered ‘locked on’ therefore are subject to interceptor fire @ 1d6 of damage per defending interceptor.

    These rules make bombers and interceptors very powerful units. It encourages players to strategic bomb with 2d6 of damage, however there is also the risk of interceptor ‘lock on’ that would minimize the bombers full 2d6 damage potential.

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