• WOW are you kidding me? they’re completely removed from the board when captured?

    Here’s my proposal,

    When an Anti-Air Gun is captured, it’s damaged opposed to being removed. 3 damage points are inflicted to the AA, rendering it inoperable and immobile.
    the owner of the AA then has to repair it on Purchase/ Repair Units Phase.
    This is, i think, a better solution because if your opponent captures it, he can’t use it to defend a counter attack, he simply “captures it” and if he really wants it must repair it on his next turn.
    I mean isn’t repairing it for 3 IPCs better over buying a new one?

  • A very good idea. As it is now I don’t think I wil, ever buy a new one. I usually don’t buy them anyway, except for coastal defense as Germany. But with them being operational in the invaders next turn would make them worth more, even compared to vanilla Global rules.

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