Usa factory in norway, Axis responce??

  • Our group have been playing a game of globle in which germany tried a sealion on turn 2 which failed and lost its fleet on the following british turn including its 3 transports, carrier, battle ship and crusier. The Us has put 75% of its forces in the adlantic and took norway buy turn 4 with british help. It is now poised to build a major IC in norway on us turn 5. Germany is very strong in europe with 50+ inf 10+ arty 10+tanks and mech inf, plus a small airforce of 2 bombers 2 fighters and a tac. It has made no ground in russia. Russia has 30+ inf +arty over their whole front, with a mec(6) and tank(7) force  in a position to support any attack into russian territory.  3 Buffer zones seperate the germans and red army.

    Italy is in a good place in controling the med and egypt, iraq, and is ready to place a factory in egypt and take africa whilst supporting germand defence.

    Japan has defended south east asia against the indian navy, anzac navy and us navy attacks in round 4, how ever lost its fleet as did the allies. It has a fleet in the caroline islands of 3 carriers plus 12 planes plus small other boats. it has a factory in malaya , hong kong and manchuria. the russian rear has fallin and japan own the sibierian territorys (6ipc)

    Usa has a fleet build up in the pacific 3 carriers, 6 planes 4 subs, 4 crusiers, 1 destroyer. it is 2 rounds from putting reinforcements into norway/baltic.

    Ipcs(include national objectives) are Ger-43 Itay-32 japan-70, Uk-27
    India-5 anzac-15 usa-85 ussr-32 china-12 (burma road open)
    Any thoughts on the axis stratagy??

  • Ignore the british major industrial complex and go fight elsewhere. The brits could land ten units a turn on your coast anywhere before. Now they are dumping their forty bucks someplace predictable.

    Seriously you can fight a holding action with Germany, let italy take africa and let Japan neuter the minor allies and start rolling up russian squares.

    Trick will be not letting the americans pull any gimmicks like taking over rome.

    I loved playing the axis with the oob set up btw

  • @SalothSar:


    Trick will be not letting the americans pull any gimmicks like taking over rome.

    If you bomb the NB in Gibraltar you elimnate any USA gimmicks

    If you hit more than 3 damage (and not get shot down by the AA)

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