• I know that your army has a limited number of unit groups, e.g. a limit number of plastic units but is it legal to by a unit type that you don’t have any spare plastic units for AND not having that unit type on any game zone where you could legally place it?
    The situation I can imagine is that you “know” that you will lose that unit type completely in a battle so you can then place it later in your turn. If this is legal what happens if you somehow fail to lose the unit so you still haven’t got any units to place on the game board?

  • I would think if you had 3 bomber stacks you could still build additional bombers. The rule is “pieces on the board” and I don’t think the build circle counts. Now, you’d have to have a bomber stack on the factory or lose a stack in battle. I would think if you have 3 bomber stackes on the board and none on the factory, the newly built bomber would be lost.


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