2nd message to Larry Harris and Krieghund

  • Please don´t abolish the rule that gives subs the oportunity to fight back alone transports.

    Here is the solution:

    • all combat move is simultaneous
    • all noncombat move hapens later and it is itself simultaneous.

    So we have 2 diferent moves in time.

    alone transports can be fired by defending submarines if:

    • they move during the combat move through a zone with an enemy sub and if during the combat move no other of your battleships is other uses that sea zone where the sub is

    the same hapens during the noncombat move.

    example: you move a transport during the combat move from sea zone A through sea zone B to sea zone C. There is a enemy sub in sea zone B.

    That sub cannot fight back if during that combat move there is in any moment one of your warships in sea zone B (for example a warship that goes from sea zone A through sea zone B to sea zone D).

  • I would like a rule that subs are always active. Any time a ship moves though that sz (combat or NCM) the sub(s) get to fire at 2 if the owner chooses to (one shot). All enemy ships crossing would also get one return shot , but only if fired upon (if you survive you submerge). That way if you have 3 subs in one sz and the enemy tries to pass by with only one ship you have a chance to kill it. Obviously if they try to pass w/lone transport it would be killed, or if you take out their escort(s) in your one round of battle and survive they would loose the transport.

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    I’m glad he rescinded the sub rule - it’s one less thing to worry about.

    If you want Larry to see your ideas, why don’t you go to his site and PM him or write in a thread called “talk to Larry”?  He doesn’t visit A&A.org at all, IIRC.

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