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  • I have been trying to contact the developer of Dogs of War for ages, but this seems to be impossible. The site was last touched in 1999, and any email listed does not seem to work. Anyone have any clues? Also, there used to be a dogs of war channel of #efnet, yet the site does not give the name of the channel.

  • you probably know this, but if you don’t irc is a chat network, #efnet doesn’t make sence, efnet is an irc chat server, #dogsofwar, or #dogs-of-war might be a channel for it… i tried both though, and neither appears to be in use. I have dogs of war, and it really isn’t that great, why would you want to contact the developers anyway?

  • Your right, it was a typo “of” = “on”. Aparently there have been a few IRC Axis&Allies channels but they seem to be long gone. I need to contact the author as I wanted to borrow some items from it and incorporate them into TripleA. I also had some other legal issues to ask him about SEI’s laywer dispute with Hasbro.

    I just can’t understand how in just a couple years the coder and an entire company can disapear… it’s like a conspiracy, I swear Hasbro used a deathray…

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