Which country would I most enjoy playing as?

  • I have an important question.
    Which country in g40 would I most enjoy playing as?
    Here are my likes and dislikes:
    1. I want to play as a rich country
    2. I want to play the least challenging (easiest) country
    3. I prefer land battles over sea battles
    4. I also want to have room for mistakes. Which country can you play as and make some big and small mistakes?

  • i’m getting a deja vu here….

  • @special:

    i’m getting a deja vu here….

    What does deja vu here mean?

  • Russia is my best guess.

  • @nutbar:


    i’m getting a deja vu here….

    What does deja vu here mean?

    “déja-vu” litterally means “already seen”. it’s that sudden feeling when you’re somewhere or in a certain situation, and you’re sure it has happened before (even when that would be really impossible). Like a brainloop, in a way.

    Anyway, isn’t this a near-copy of another topic with the same questions?

    Edit: or was this perhaps in the anniversary topic?

    To answer the questions: indeed, most probably Russia.

  • Russia assuming you understand how to be defensive.

    The USA, if you know understand how to prepare & play offensively.

    Nothing throws a game to a competant Axis like a Russian player that plays too offensively and overextends or a US player that doesn’t understand transport math and can’t keep sustained pressure.

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