Can Italy blitz through a pro-allied Nolrtheast Perisa

  • Can Italy blitz tanks through a pro-allied Nolrtheast Perisa from Pro-axis Iraq (hat it already owns) and stop at Caucasus.  In others words, can a tank blitz a hostle teritorry with no troups in it, even if it is a neutral.

  • Yes

  • P26 says “by blitzing the tank established control of the first territory before it moves to the next.”  If Pro-Allied Northeast Persia has not been “emptied” of pro-allied troops doesn’t the tank have to stop and fight?

    P11 seems to agree moving into an unfriendly neutral is considered a combat move and the combat must be resolved.

    I do understand right?
    The Tank is in Italian Pro-Axis Iraq
    The Tank is moving through Pro-Allied Northeast Persia. (Not used to be Soviet NE Persia, just neutral Pro-Allied Persia)
    The Tank is ending up in the Russian Caucasus.

  • NorthWEST Persia is empty(has no neutral inf).

  • Well silly me answering w/o my map handy

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