• I was wondering if anyone was available to play Global 40 on the weekends.  I live in Niles, MI and work in South Bend.  I recently purchased the game, but unfortunately, it is hard to con my wife into playing after our two small children go to bed.


  • hmm, i am from up there. my dad and I play quite frequently, maybe we could play sometime in the future

  • Hi Sgt. Pavlov.  I was almost ready to give up on finding any players in this area.  If you or your Dad are willing to have another player, please contact me anytime.

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    I lived in your neck of the woods some years ago ('87-'89) I worked at Tyler Refrigeration. I’m near Grand Haven now. I’m thinking we could set something up. I’ve got my basement set up as our game room.


    Or if you’re basically home bound w/ young kids, I can head down to your place for a weekend game. I’ve got a travel trailer I can set up in some local campground so a long game is no problem for me. My 14-year-old son might like to tag along too if you’re OK w/ that.

    Hope to hear from you. Would be nice to find another playert that likes the game as much as I do.

    Regards,  Steve

  • My son (aka Sgt. Pavlov) have loved playing A&A for a few years now. We started playing in the forums on here since he went to college. Maybe we can set up a day game when he gets home for the summer sometime near the end of April/first part of May. We live near the St. Joe area.

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