A couple questions about IC'S and neutral placements

  • looking for clarafication… 1) can u build IC’S on neutral territories.(such as spain) 2) can aircraft be placed as new units in those nuetral territories with the IC’S.(thought planes can never land in nuetrals and can only fly over to attack…wrong or right?)                                3) anzac turn -1  when taking a dutch territory(new guinea) with no point value is it still considered a combat movemnt(amp/assult) which lets you use the inf and transport from zone 62(when naval base is used in south wales)

  • Official Q&A

    1. You can if you control the territory at the beginning of your turn and it meets all of the requirements for building one there.

    2. Yes.  Air units can’t land in neutral territories, but once you take control of them they are no longer neutral.

    3. It’s a noncombat movement, but the naval base can be used in noncombat movement.

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