Restructuring the game: Need your help with balance!

  • So my friends and I really like playing Axis and Allies to where there are only 2 turns. On one turn all Axis players go, and on the other all Allied players go. (I think Imperious Leader might be the one that sort of made this play popular, idk). Anyways, I obviously realize that this greatly alters the balance of the game, as it is clearly not designed or playtested for this type of play. Nevertheless, this is how our group prefers to play, so we are going to try to make it work, though I realize this will take a while to get it down to where it is balanced and doesn’t favor one side too much.

    What I would like to know is what you guys think as far as what we can do to make it more balanced. In other words, which side do you think this type of play will benefit more, and how can we tweak it to where it can be offset to where it ends up balancing out better?

    Your input is much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Neat idea.

    Do you play where the allies all attack simultaneously?  Depending on strategies and how you do it that could really hurt or help the allies.

    How has it been going?  DO the Axis get to go first?  First thing I’m thinking is Italy never suffers Taranto but the Allies get to all move into sea zones at the same time?

  • Mark: We will be starting the game around 9 or so this morning, so I will let you know how it goes. I usually spend some time going through various scenarios in my head and speculating as to which side should have the greater advantage when doing changes like this. Without really looking at the board, I am thinking it will be the Allies, because for one their are many more of them so they stand to gain more by teaming up/attacking the Axis at the same time. Furthermore, one of the 3 Axis players (Japan) can’t really use this advantage, b/c they are pretty much isolated.

    With that in mind, I am considering weakening the Allies a bit and see how it pans out. One idea I have is reducing the major IC in India to a minor, and adding another minor IC in West India as well. I will probably also add a couple extra infantry in India to start out with too. This will allow India to serve as a legitimate garrison for the UK, with allowing them to dominate…at least thats the plan.

    I am considering this approach b/c I believe the Allies will dominate the Atlantic, and Germany will be hard pressed against a combined US/UK invasion plus Russia breathing down their necks, so my thinking is that by weakening India’s offensive capabilities a bit, Japan will be able to pressure Russia more from the east, thus making up for the imbalance in the west.

    Like I said, this will take some time to get down, but I think the two-turn system will be worth it in the end. I really wish A&A would move to this system in the first place, as I know many that use it, or would like to use it.

    Let me know your thoughts!..

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