New Russia

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    My latest revision of the USSR.

    The really big problem is the border with China, which bears absolutely no resemblance to reality, for example Kazakhstan should run for almost the whole border west of Mongolia.

  • I like the 4 IPC value for the Caucasus

  • Russia has 43 ipcs

  • which all in all isnt that absurd

    +6 from OOB might make them a more pressing concern for germany, instead of the automatic sealion.

    I have thought for a while OOB Russia should get a +3 NO if it isnt occupying Japanese or Chinese territory……but we arent talking about that now are we…

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    A lot of those IPCs are within range of a German advance, including a 3 IPC North Ukraine. Though I don’t personally allow factory building, Kiev is now a VC and the key tt it always should have been.

    Also of note is that Leningrad no longer borders the Arctic, making it that bit more difficult for the Allies to reinforce. Though, again, I don’t allow UK/F/US forces in Russia, so this is not such a big deal.  Rather, I allow them to send money to Russia via the TS railway and Persian Corridor routes shown. Or, indeed, the Arctic route via Murmansk(Kola) and Archangel.

    Baltic States and Bessarabia are neutral. Iran is not pro-Allied.

    Now how the heck can I make that Sino-Soviet border look something like a real map?

  • Does Russia get a movement bonus on the TS railway

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    In general I favour unlimited free rail movement during non-combat, which would make the TSR irrelevant for this.
    It’s more a case of keeping the line open to gain western aid in a similar way as the Burma Road. Maybe the line allows the west to pay for upgrades of Russian infantry to mech infantry, which was one of the main benefits of the program.

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