UK loses Africa.

  • Me and my buddies play everyman for themselves and i play Uk. We normally have 3 rounds to build up before we start attacking. Whoever is playing Germany kicks my butt in Africa and im left with 22 dollars i think. I just want to know how to maintain Africa because it’s a huge income and when Germany and USSR are friends and ally I get beat bad in Africa.

  • In general, you are screwed 😛 !
    The problem is that the UK is in too many parts and broken up too easily by opponents. If you build in UK they devour everything else

    Try building an IC(Industrial Complex) in UoSA(Union of South Africa.)
    If this does not help after about three games ask your opponents if you can reduce India’s IPC value to two(2) and increase UoSA’s IPC value to three(3.) Otherwise, pardner, you’ve got problems.

    An ally would come in handy!

    You could try rotating powers(not always be UK.)

    Note: Do not try the same in AES(Anglo-Egyptian Sudan) unless Germany or USSR is an ally.

  • You are in uncharted territory here my friend!

    You’ve got to understand that since the game was not intended to be played the way you are doing, you will probably need several rules tweaks in order to balance it out. I’m NOT telling you you shouldn’t play this way–I’m sure its fun! Just you might be facing a situation where the rules need to be adjusted to reflect the new 5-way balance…

    Try making friends w/ USSR, that will help. What do you guys bargain w/: IPCs, territories–what? An alliance w/ Japan might help a LOT too–have them help you out in Africa. Otherwise, build a strong fleet the first few turns when you’ve got the cash. That way when you are poor, hopefully all you’ll hafta build is INF and funnel them to Africa until you win.

    Have you ever played Diplomacy? Totally different combat rules, but it very much has the flavor you might be looking for in 5-way A&A: lots of secret deals, shifting alliances, every man (or woman, though I find women tend to hate this game) for him (her?) self etc. Plus, Diplomacy has been playtested for decades to be played in just this manner, unlike A & A, where it is a variant rule. Just an idea…


  • When I first started playing this game the group was 5 different nations, winner take all. It was very tough playing it with allies vs axis when faces changed, but I can tell you that even the UK can come out on top in every person for themselves. Your best friend in a game like this would be US, so they can help protect your navy around the UK, and then you can allow them to stage troops off the UK. Playing this way has lead to some pretty crazy stuff and the fun you have with the “secret war meetings” is pure comedy.

    When you play have you tried abadoning India altogether, instead transporting those troops to Africa instead? Also land your Indian fighter in kenya, and your 2 fighters from UK in French West Africa if it is around in T1, or Persia if it is still around? If you built an IC and put it in UoSA, you would have 3 troops in Kenya as a wall with the fighter. On T2 you could continue positioning yourself in Africa and if you had a treaty with the US you would know that you had those IPC’s saved in N America for the time being. Just a thought.

  • You could could build an IC in the southern part of Africa you said you have three turns to build up so build an army big enuogh to overide his forces

  • When I play allies, I always move Russia’s two fighters down into Egypt. That means the Brits will survive Germany’s initial onslaught.

    Holding africa is one of the key’s to the game (for both sides). Afterall, it is a game of resources, and Africa is rich in resources.

    Only downside is the potential hit to Karelia. I have found that most opponents, while tempted, will not attack Kareila if I fly both of the fighters away. Those that do are dealing with approx. 50/50 odds, and will have decimated Germany’s attack force even if they succeed.

    I then fly the two fighters back to Kareila (or Moscow if Karelia falls) the second round.


  • Initially the Allies might have to play defensive in Africa/Middle East, until amphibious re-enforcements come from London or Washington (turn 2 or 3). A South African UK IC is tempting to a Japanese player to take…

  • This friend of mine that I play against always builds 3 transports and 3 tanks per round with the US and keeps sending that force to Algeria. He loses tanks along the way, less later in the game, sending them to Persia. This totally keeps Germany out of Africa, and stops Japan in Asia later as well.

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