Book, Catch me if you can, by Frank Abagnale

  • Writing a review for my school’s paper, I’d like to give a teaser to you guys.

    Note, the movie Catch me if you can is based on the book. The book is the autobiography of Frank Robert Abagnale, who was probably the most successful con artist in history.

    FRank Abagnale was a 16 year old boy when his life really started. His parents had just seperated. Frank went to live with his father. His father was a charming guy, and very supportive of Frank. At age 16, his father bought him a gas card. Frank quickly developed a plot to use this card to make big bucks. For Frank needed big bucks, he was crazy about women. Women were his only weakness. After scamming his father, with little consequence after his father found about the scam, Frank settled down. Soon after, his Father bought him a checkbook for emergency use. Frank pocketted it and went on with his life.

    A few months later, Frank ran away from home. Why did Frank run away? First, his father was a wreck after losing his stationary store to debt, and his mother had met another man. But also, Frank wanted an adventure. Frank went to New York City.

    From here on, Frank used that little checkbook his father had given him, along with a tokein amount of money in the account, to swindle his way into fame and fortune. Frank used a pilots uniform and fake ID to “deadhead” his way onto hundreds of flights throughout the US. His adventures in crime revolved around these flights.

    Over the next 5 years (and before his 21st birthday), Frank Abagnale held more occupations than your average family would. He was a doctor for 9 months, he passed the BAR and became a lawyer, he passed himself off as a college professor and afterwards, he passed millions upon millions of dollars in bad checks throughout the Western world. All of this was done without a High School education. After he was finally caught, and spending a year in European prisons, Frank would not be held down! Frank was able to escape twice from American prisons. After finally being recaptured, and serving his term in jail, Frank went to work as a consultant for the FBI. He is now the foremost expert on check fraud in the United States.

    You can’t make this stuff up! This biography was more entertaining than any fiction. One of the best non fiction book’s I’ve ever read. Frank Abagnale is an amazing writer. I truely believe this man is one of the most intelligent people alive today. Read the book, I promise you that you will love it.

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