A Russia Poll

  • Just wanted to see what you guys thought…

  • I need a fourth choice titled …
    Hunker Down And Wait Out The Storm Occassionally Attacking Germany When Hitler Mismanages the Stormtroopers and On a Rare Scenario Attacking Tojo’s Poorly Supported Infantry …


    Watch out! BB will post soon including “Logistics.”

  • Though in one of our first games, Russia was able to attack Germany, the axis normally find out quick, that the most important unit is infantry. With lots of infantry in Eastern Europe, you wouldn’t even survive without the help of England and USA.

  • I picked hunker down but I’d like to qualify that. Eventually Karelia ends up being a multinational anchor. It’s great on defense but not much good on offense. Germany and Karelia end up a stalemate. At some point forces can be diverted from Karelia to fight the Japanese but at what proportion?

    A few factors, logistics coming to mind (say it ain’t so!). Obviously russia has the shortest supply line so it should be the engaged in attrition with the Japs, but only to the extent it can afford it, not much granted but…. I take a majority of russians as they most likely will have the largest single land force. I’ll also have a few Brit and Yank units, 1-2 tanks, 1-3 Inf or so, the allies being rich with air power most likely by round 6 have a powerfull punch but lack the staying power for a slug fest. The idea is to get the russians to be the point of the spear. The US can grab a small territory, the russians move in with force, the brits move what they can plus air power for defense. Lets say you do this towards a Japanese Factory. The Japs most likely can perry this threat with existing units and air power plus their build… But now you are dictating to the enemy. So the Japs move in to a strong defensive postion, however with 3 allies moving for every Jap move this is a losing game for Japan. It’s a philosophy more than a tactical plan but it seems to work for me 🙂


  • Russia has to push back the japs a bit whenever able, especially in the case without a british Ind IC. DO NOT let the japs taking Russian territories one by one smoothly.

  • I like the hunker down strategy, however this includes trading UKR and EEU dead zones with German, forcing the Germans to spread its forces out a little bit more.
    With regards to Japan, i kind of curl up in a big ball and wimper.

  • I like to use hit and run tactics against germany. By crippling their amount of inf they wont attack for fear of losing valuable units and i get replenished by the next inf stack in the conga line 😎

  • I agree, Russia and the allies need to retake all territories around Moscow that can be taken, but take them light, play the trade game.


  • With the Ruskies i like to buy all tanks for the first 2-3 rounds (depending on Jerry attack rolls 1st and 2nd turn) to smash back the incoming Jerry infantry. This will usually frustrate the German player and force him to dedicate more troops for Russia and possibly leave France weak for Allied land assault. Becomes more effective with a few Brit fighters to help bolster the Russian lines.

  • I think if the russians buy too many tanks and the Germans plays it safe and invest in infantry then at some point when doing the attack/defence math you will realize that you are going to get your ass kicked. I think Russia does need a few tanks but Russia always seems to be on the verge of collapse from turn 1 to 73 anyways 🙂


  • The hunker down stragety just does not work if you are playing against a smart Axis team. Russia can be totally crippled in 6-8 rounds if both Germany and Japan attack hard. Besides, Russia can afford to attack Germany the first round because the Allies can fly in several fighters and ship in troops to help defend Karelia if needed. Russia should be able to take out the Ukraine and destroy some German troops with minimal losses and only place one infantry in the terrritiory in order to not lose any other troops. Russia would also receive 3 extra ipc’s and forces Germany to divert some forces to retake the territory back.

  • It’s all great to only put 1 unit in a territory but you have to be able to capture it, and planning to capture it and have exactly 1 infantry left over is a bit risky but I hear what you’re saying.

    The hunker down strategy shouldn’t mean don’t ever attack, if the odds are in your favour and you don’t risk losing on a counter attack by all means go.

    I totally agree if you can take the Ukraine do so, but what if russia is restricted?


  • Good point. If Russia is restricted then the strategy becomes a little more conservative. In this case Russia must hold Karelia at all costs. If this means giving the Germans the Caucasus then so be it. It is helpful if Russia uses its transport to pick up some British infantry to help out the defense. The Causcasus should be defended but not with more than 6 or 7 infantry and definately with no tanks or fighters.

  • The russian transport and sub should move in with the british battleship in the english sea zone, and it will meet the same fate when going russia restricted. Or, put the sub with the english fleet and the transport with the canadian transport. Make the german think about using only 1 ftr against 2 transports or should he use 2 ftrs, or a ftr and a bomber, or not at all. Oh the confusion!

  • With Russia, attack Germany!!!

    first round– typical 8 infantry buy for Karalia

    attack easter europe – if this battle doen’t happen… it is the inevitable demise of USSR. the smart russian player will go with a passive/aggressive tacic… where Russia makes the first move. from here on in … its all about holding and fighting for eastern europe… and not holding and fighting for karalia.

    the sacrafice
    Japan is walking in the back door… round one… fight in manchuria to delay Japan from moving in right away

    this tactic is great if you have co-operative allied players… as USA MUST concentrate on keeping Japan busy, and UK Must keep Africa and support Russia in Karalia, and take Finland/Norway first round

    With all going well… Germany is ready to fall just before Japan is ready to take Russia-- so Russia can fortify

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