• Whenever I play Germany, I always face an infantry stack in Caucasus, and a somewhat similar situation in Moscow as well (though not as much).

    How do I play?

    Should I defend Ukraine against possible ATT from Cau?
    Or Take West Russia to threaten Moscow as well?
    Or should I just go for the other side of it - Karelia - then Archangel?

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    As Germany, you should normally be able to outproduce the USSR, so I’m assuming that you’d have at least as many infranty available to counter all that.
    West Russia is of such strategic value that if you can take it force and stack it with enough infantry, the USSR is in big trouble. If they kick you out they’ll have to throw virtually everything they have at it, and that severely depletes Moscow and the Caucasus. If they don’t, then you can grind them down with a few strafing attacks because you can probably afford more offensive units such as tanks and fighters. That is: invade, use your infantry as cannon fodder while giving your stronger units the opportunity to shoot, and withdraw before the defense starts eating too many tanks.

    I wouldn’t bother too much about the Ukraine - taking it stretches the Russian front and leaves them more vulnerable. And I’m not a big fan of the Northern route, as it only threatens Moscow and not the Caucasus.

  • Alright, I guess that’s the major flaw of my play, not threatening West Russia enough.

    I guess I’d probably too freaked out by the large infantry stack that can amass to 30 units by G5/G6 every single time I play. :X

    Thanks a lot!  :lol:

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