Clarafication on global victory cond…

  • so from what im reading its 14 victory cities for either side to be the winner?holding them for a entire round also?  is there no other conditions for victory?such as the amount of capitals you have taken?or which ones?just wondering if the axis took 2 of the 3 major capitols such as USA UK RUSSIA and either of the minor ones FRANCE ANZAC INDIA…would 3 out of 6 be a victory without 14 cities?

  • Axis must have 14 VC’s and one of their capitals to win. Allies wust have all axis capitals and one of their major capitals to win

  • It just occurred to me that it’s possible, if very unlikely, for a literal draw to occur, meaning a situation in which neither side has the ability to win according to the game’s rules.

    If every capital in the game is taken by the opposing alliance, then no one has won but all sides have lost the ability to continue producing units. China doesn’t matter because their units are incapable of achieving Allied victory conditions due to ACME walls. If this occurs and all existing land units are destroyed or isolated due to loss of transports, then no side could possibly win because no side could conquer any new territory. Such a game would undoubtedly be a thing of legend.

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