• Can somebody partially repair an industrial complex (when it is inopperable) and place units on it or must he pay in full before placing units? Thank you in advance.

  • You do not need to clear all damage.

    You do need to repair enough to place at least 1 unit, if you want to use it that turn.

    For example: A minor factory can normally place 3 units. If it has 5 damage, you need to repair 3 damage to place 1 unit, 4 to place 2, and 5 to place all 3.

    The amount you can place (for a minor) that turn is simply 3 - (damage). If damage is greater or equal to 3, then you can’t place.

    A factory can be damaged for up to twice its output. Major = 20 damage max, Minor = 6 damage max.

    See page 24 of the AAEurope1940 rulebook, second sentence of paragraph that starts with “Damaged Factories and Bases:”, “For each damage marker that is under a given industrial complex, that factory can mobilize one less unit.” - This implies it can still produce while damaged, just at a lesser output.

  • Thank you very much for your thorough answer James!!

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