Attacking Submarine Surprise Strike - useful ?

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    Hi folks,

    Just a silly question

    I don’t see the practical difference in AAE40 and AAP40 for an attacking submarine between conducting a Surpise Strike or participanting in the General Combat .
    I mean, in both cases, if it scores a hit, then the affected ship can still return fire, because it still placed in the casualty strip.
    Even the attack value is the same in both cases. There is no advantage in rolling the die first, you’ve got the same chances. So what’s its usefulness ?

    However, the defending submarine performing a Surprise Strike can make a difference by eliminating an attacker’s unit before the general combat takes place.

    Am I missing something ?

    Thanks !

  • Normally a first strike casualty can’t return fire, so i think this does make a difference… (both for attacking as defending subs)

    mmm, checking the manual… first strike victims are “moved behind the casualty strip” (not in the strip)

    edit: (then again, further on they still  move units top the same place… shouldn’t it be “first strike casualties are removed instantly” ?) this is indeed confusing

    edit 2 : well, the Pacific rulebook adds this:

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    Ok, thanks ! That makes sense
    I have also found the clarification in the AAE40, later on.
    But the initial writting is a bit misleading, because one tends to keep units behind the casualty strip to return fire.

  • Official Q&A

    The reason that defending Surprise Strike casualties are moved behind the casualty strip is that some of them may be subs, which will return fire if there are no attacking destroyers.

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