The key to (killing) Russia's heart is in Nenetsia

  • Well, well, well, I had been looking at my board and contemplating a Sealion attack, and another path on the board magically appeared to me on how the Axis can capture Moscow!  This is a somewhat thought out plan, but I do not have a complete x,y,z, step-by-step instructions yet.

    Without further ado….

    If Germany builds a big transport fleet (something like 10+) in SZ 112 to prepare for a Sealion assault, they could instead use their three naval movements and go to SZ 127.  Once there, land all units in Nenetsia.  It is worth nothing, but Vologda is the only territory between Nenetsia and Russia (Moscow).  Most likely, Russia will have the vast bulk of its forces as infantry and art and too far away from Russia to turn them around to either: 1.)  Attack your landing forces, or 2.) Make it back to Russia before you attack.

    On those transports, load all the tanks you can.  Preferably every transport will have one tank.  When you land in Nenetsia, Russia will know what you are doing and place some units in Vologda in order to block your movement.  Here is where you can use Japan for the can opener.  Japan, early in the game, can build an air field in Chahar (or similar territory).  With Japanese bombers there, they can do one of two things:  1.) Clear any blocking units in Vologda so Germany can blitz it’s tanks to Moscow, and/or 2.) Bomb Russia’s major complex (five movements from Chahar) and land in Nenetsia.

    Other things to consider but I don’t have completely figured out…if Germany can somehow capture Bessarabia, E. Poland or similar territory and build an air field on it, any planes it lands on that territory during the same round it captures Nenetsia will have enough movement to be included in the Moscow attack and land in Nenestia.

    One negative that I could potentially see is that this is a one shot attack.  Even if the bulk of Russia’s forces are too far away to beat Germany back to Moscow for defense, they most likely will have a good shot in one or two subsequent rounds to attack Moscow and try to retake it since the Moscow major IC will be downgraded to a minor IC.

    Of course, Russia could always buy a destroyer at the start and move it to SZ 125 or 126 in order to block this potential move, but how many Russian players are going see this move coming?

    Ok, chew on that idea!!! I’m actually pretty proud that I’m first one to have seen and posted this route to Moscow.

  • I think you have a very serious idea on your hands, so congrats on spotting this intriguing idea.

    However, I do have some problem with:


    Most likely, Russia will have the vast bulk of its forces as infantry and art and too far away from Russia to turn them around to either: 1.)  Attack your landing forces, or 2.) Make it back to Russia before you attack.

    If Russia suspects a Sea Lion (tipped by a transport build) it won’t be inf and art they will be building, but mech-infs and tanks. Other builds are too slow to hit Poland and then Berlin in time.

    That said, there is still a lot of merit in what you say, and could be simply devastating under the right circumstances.

  • My only criticism is that if UK, ANZAC, or USA have a plane in range of landing in Vologoda after Japan can-opens then they can and will land one to block a blitz. Mainly, if there is a bomber in the UK then it can reach. There are a ton of situations however when this is not the case though so I think it’s a good idea.

  • I my last game, as Russia I saw this same exact potential.  Luckily, my opponent left a Brit DD alive so I could block it.

    I wanna look into this more- definitely puts Russia back on its heels.  Drawback is that if the 18inf are coming from the East, you may have to evacute quick- wasted move then on Germany’s part.  No England, no cash- When faced with the possibility of doing Sealion on G3 or G4, its hard to kiss away all that cash for a shot in the dark.

  • I’ve used this route before to exploit the far east with Germany, it was in round 6 and Russia had stacked Moscow with 12 extra far east inf, (Japan & USSR had conditional pre-game non-aggression pact). A single pair of German tanks where able to outrun Inf stacked in Moscow and the far east for several turns blitzing all over causing headaches for the USSR. It was a fun move to pull-off.
    I do agree that this route has potential, but its difficult to determine if the benefits outweigh the cost. A 10 transport fleet is going to cost 70IPCs and the landing has no second wave for back-up, meaning that USSR will most likley be able to counter Moscow plus Germany will be taking expensive losses (tanks & planes vs. USSR inf).
    To offset this Germany gets +37 IPCs, 1 round of no USSR builds & bonus of reducing Moscow to a Minor. This play would all depend on how the USSR player is stacking his forces, but it could be worth it.

  • When we discussed this in our gaming group a couple of weeks ago, the big drawback, was that London still lived, and the German transports took 2 turns to reload them.

    Our Russian player pulled their production from the previous turn back into Russia. Moved their planes back, and built 9 units their. It did cause them to get out of position that game, but we still lost as the axis.

    We then looked at building an air base for Japan on Suiyuyan turn 3 to strafe Moscow and the blocker in Vologda after moving to Nemetsia turn 4. Then restrafe the Moscow build if able and try for the capital. Redeploy 2 Italian air units to W. Germany turn 2 to clear the DD blocker. This plan could work. By waiting 1 more turn, you should see Moscow with the bulk of its units entering German zones or being to far away to get to Moscow for liberation and its rear builds being fewer in number but faster pieces. The drawback is that Japan moving its air force to Siuyuyan turn 3 is a big tell. Luckily it is after Russia has built and moved. The trick is taking Siuyuyan with enough that China does not take back on turn 2.

    It did cause the Russians to redeploy in the wrong direction. Maybe this has merit for after you capture London. From Chahar, you could land the Jap air force and strafe smaller stacks moving back to Moscow while you take Novgorod.

  • i had a similar idea conferring to nenetsia and the rest of the northern russia, but not with taking moscow as the idea behind it, but all of those northern territories.

    a description can be found here:

    to return rapidly to germany from seazone 127 just build a naval base in finland. so it won´t take two turns to come back to seazone 112.

    rock`n roll

  • 2019 2018

    I have used this move in Europe 40 but not yet in global.  My objective wasn’t moscow, but Novosibrisk to cut off 2 inf reinforcement each turn.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    You can block the blitz using an AAG, and NOTHING Japan can do, can stop this block.

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