• Anyone try a heavy mix of german subs to carry out convoy disruptions on UK?  Specifically - 4 subs on station minimum to choke the british isle itself….

    Call me crazy…I bought 5 subs and 3 hvy bombers on G2 to maximize offshore threat against allies.  Really projected force well and had my opponent sweating pretty hard…Until G3 - 2 fig/2 tac/4 bmb against the mixed UK/french in med…They ALL died and I only killed the AC and Dest.

    Friggin’ dice…

    Anyways - I feel the strategy was still pretty sound - maybe 1 less sub and bomber to get a few more guys on the ground…but…I don’t know…

    Everyones thoughts would be most appreciated…

  • How about buying enough subs to fill all the available convoy zones and then stop? 😉

    subs can be very useful but a buy all X is never a good thing.

  • 2 replies…and already branched out into a secondary topic with no comment regarding the original post/thought… 😐

  • well, as UK i won’t like to see my money frozen by a lot of german subs… would probablyask my american friends to help out. But it would work. FOr some turns at least.

  • My intent is to choke off the british isle until at least turn 3, probably turn 4…maybe 5 depending on US build/move and how creative the UK player is…

    …then disperse the subs in different directions to force the hunt with numerous destroyers that have to be bought and which won’t be bombarding me later! or to use them in a concentrated attack/strafe including the luftwaffe to thin the UK and or british fleet…thats where the extra bombers come in (which also are handy for ground attacks)

  • It seems with 6 subs on the board, you could keep 2 off Canada and 4 off London. That means you would subtract 11 IPCs from the UK until the US entered the war, if UK does not build a DD in Canada.

    You could keep London at around 18 IPCs until the US enters the war. However, I don’t think Germany can spare the money on sea units, since I believe they need to help Japan gather victory cities or face a long term loss of game. I also suspect that the US will have 2-3 DDs in their war fleet able to clear two of the convoy zones for UK.

    Personally I would make air units over sea units, as you can then threaten fleets and land units especially if you need a quick extra “push” against Moscow early on.

    You would discourage a navy build by UK until the US could arrive on scene.

    In some Europe games, I did produce a couple of subs early on, but not in any global games. I found their life span to be brief unless they hid behind Denmark.

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