• '16

    This is a good ability for air vs naval combats and it makes sense to me,
    but I find it quite odd in a “fighters only versus fighters+tac-bombers” combat.

    Has anybody already stated a house rule just for this case ?

  • '12

    It’s not that odd, actually. Picture the tac bombers as hitting the fighters when they are on the ground, and hitting their ground facilities when they are in the air (those battles are fairly long).  The defending fighters’ airstrips and fuel/ammo dumps are being destroyed by the tacs, causing the fighter unit to suffer indirect damage.  The tac is increased as it can focus on bombing while its fighter escort covers it from defending fighters.  It’s a little abstract, but it works.

  • Moralecheck is right. The point of air superiority is not to represent CONTROL of the skies, but support/escort capabilities that give the tacs a chance to hit facilities or whatever.

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