• As I have been examining Operation Barbarossa and how to keep the offensive going in Russia (as most people’s offensives start to dry up after Leningrad) I noticed that all of the money territories in Russia are located in the south, From Ukraine to Stalingrad almost all of the territories are worth 2 instead of the 0 and 1’s we see sprinkled over central, east and northern russia.

    Unfortunately it would probably take 4 to 5 turns to conquer all of these territories, so i was thinking the German player could build a minor complex in Romania and build ships in the black sea, if the germans do a G4 attack they could have 3 TT, 2 DD and 1 CC in the black sea. The russians will have a couple of fighters but that should hold them off. You would then force the RUssians to defend Ukraine, Rostov and Caucasus, either spreading out their defenses or not defending at all. You could potentially take all 3 territories in one turn. If you also do the normal push through russia with the rest of your ground forces into eastern poland you would overwhelm them.

    You would also be threatening Stalingrad next turn and you could build minor complexes in all of the 2ipc value territories.  After 3 turns of barbarossa you could have Stalingrad, and two other minor complexes pumping out infantry for the assault on Moscow. Russian forces in the south would be non existent and all of the forces he had preparing for the assault in the north would be useless. The Russian player would be forced to try to either pull every thing back to Moscow or try to attack Germany with infantry/artillery stacks. You could then also use Finland forces to harrass him in the north.

    I have not personally tried this strategy but I think it could work if germany focuses on infantry/artillery builds and Italy throws tanks/mechs in to support. Although it all depends on the Black sea fleet being used effectively.

  • I agree. 2 other points:

    1. You can can-open with the Italians which makes a big difference, and 2) Russia starts the game with next to no units in the South. A few in the Ukraine, a few in Bellarussa, and otherwise it’s smooth sailing to Stalingrad.

  • This plan is even easier to afford if you build a aircraft carrier in the black sea instead of the standard one in the Baltic (assuming there is a USSR air threat). Ignore the UK and go all for USSR. I’d also recommend placing a major factory in Romania, it has worked well for me, I am always building 10 units per turn there.

  • An axis player in our last game tried this very strategy. It was clever. Build factory complexes in Romania and Greece to transport units to the south of Russia by sea. It did not work.

    It does not really matter from the Russian point of view if the enemy come from the south via transport or walks across from Romania. They are both about the same distance from Moscow where almost all of the Russian units are produced. So the infantry and artillery hordes still have to be beaten.

    I played Russia and he transported about 12 units south of Stalingrad. The axis had to retreat when about 20 Russian ground units showed up.

    Do not mistake me. I am not saying an offensive toward the southern provinces where the money is will not work. It just cannot be done on the cheap. Somehow, someway the axis must possess a bigger army than Russia to drive her back.

    I think the money spent on navy (to protect the transports) is a waste in most games. In the few games where the axis has a big enough army to hold the Russians down and money to buy navy to go for a southern flanking move, they could just as well buy armored units to do the same thing and still use the armor in an attack on Moscow.

  • I agree that the navy in the Black Sea is just a waste of cash, better off pumping out tons of units and air planes.  Can opener is nice to do with Italy.  Also if you are gutsy as Japan and you do wait several turns for the onslaught on Russia, you could double can open with Japan planes attacking front line targets, Italy pulsing further in, and Germany moving up with 0 casualties.

  • I made this so that the Germans could get guys into the Caucuses by the first turn of operation Barbarossa and totally outflank the russians, it is not designed to be a quick kill of Moscow but rather a way around the Barbarossa stalemate, and provide quick bases for the axis to launch attacks on Stalingrad and then Moscow by turn 5 or 6. The naval element is essential because it allows you to buy cheaper infantry and artillery that will arrive in Stalingrad faster then less efficient tanks and mechs.

  • '10

    I’ve had best luck with Germany attacking Russia in the south, as well.  I did end up with a couple boats down there one game–cruiser and 2 trans, I think–and was definitely winning in Southern Russia.  A teammate ended up letting the Americans sneak into Rome, so we conceded, but I plan to use the southern strategy again.  Not sure if boats will be an integral part of it or not–mostly depends on the disposition of russain and british planes.

  • So far I think patience is the key.  From G2 for several turns, I try to maximize production with Germany.  With Germany, West Germany, and France, you can produce 16 units per turn.  That’s 48 IPC’s if you bought straight infantry, so sometimes I’m buying mostly infantry.  It takes several turns to get them to the front lines, but once there, you can start sending waves of artillery, then mech, and buy air to support them.  I still think a G1 buy of a destroyer, sub, and carrier is important.  It’s enough to keep the West away for a long time.  The carrier is not just to “protect a transport” as someone put it, it is to greatly increase the air attack options on the North Atlantic, to keep the UK from getting anything started anytime soon.

    I’m just speaking in general, of course.  I have never purchased a complex in Romania, not even a minor, because it’s not forward from West Germany and Germany enough, I don’t think.  If you can’t even fill your 16 production slots, I am hesitant to buy another factory except to enable building directly into the Med, which Romania does not offer.  Just build more units, and patiently move them forward.

    To defeat Russia, you mainly have to beat her forces in the field.  Too many players focus on IPC values of territories, when the real success comes not from maximizing your income from turn to turn, but moreso from maximizing your trades.  Even if you don’t trade Russia quite on a 1:1 basis, if you can headbutt Russia’s main force, Germany can normally recover much more quickly, and win from there.  Japan should be taking down Russia’s income somewhat, as well.

    This is just what I’ve found so far.  It takes so long to play global, it will be at least a year until I feel I’m somewhat experienced at this version.  At least.

    I agree that having at least a little bit of Italian forces is important.  Even more important than can openers, is the ability of the Italians to take a territory so that the Germans can move into that territory and LAND AIRPLANES there.  This is often more important than allowing the Germans to break through with mech infantry and armor to take a little territory, an NO for one turn, or whatnot only to be destroyed.  Also, the use of Italian AA guns can be useful this way, if the Italians take an infantry block territory, and move in with her AA gun, and then G can land planes along with the ground unit stack.

    So far I’ve mostly played the Axis, but I stick with my initial assessment from before I ever played this game, that it looks like the Allies are unstoppable if you just have enough patience.  This game’s only been out for 2 months, and I’ve only played 25-30 total game rounds (many of them team, so I was only playing 1/2) so far, so it’s early.  Too early for anyone to say with any certainty what works.  What DOESN’T work, now that should be easier to come up with.  :lol:  One example - not buying defense for London on UK1, but buying with South Africa and Canada too early.  If you buy less than 5 units on London on UK1, in most cases you are begging for a sealion on G2 or G3.

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