Strategic Bombing Raids… bugged???

  • New to this web site but not to the game.

    My brothers and I play often (online) and have noticed that during SBR’s we hit for 5 IPC’s about 80% of the time. 1,3 and 6 combined, show up about 5% and 2’s account for 5% and 4’s about 10%. We have also noted that when an AA gun is not on an IC we hit for 4 IPC’s about 80% of the time with all other numbers showing up w/ the same frequency for the ramaining 20%. When SBR-ing with 2 Bombers the numbers seem to be totally random, however if you split the bombers up (example; UK has 2 Bombers ad SBR’s Berlin with one and South Europe with the other) for the raid we get a 5 with one every time and a 4 with the 2nd bomber maybe 50% of the time but that second bomber is also likely to hit for 1,2 or 3 or 5, never seen a 6.

    I’m not sure if this all makes sense but you get the idea.

    Could this be a bug? I can’t tell you how many games we play into the 18 - 24 round and no one loses any bombers (and we do a lot of bombing withouit worrying about getting shot down). We have actually had to set a limit on bombers being built to compensate for the bug (if indeed it is a bug).

    Anyone else have this problem???

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