• We have discussed favorite tanks, but the years of the war saw tank technoglogy advance. I decided to have three polls starting with the early years of the war, then mid era tanks and then ending with the last years of the war.

    You can have two votes.

  • That early in the war the Germans were the only folks who understood the new tactics of tank warfare.

    If i remember my armor and gunnery upgrade options correctly early PZIII’s were more effective than PZIV’s.  In real life they over ran all but the heavy Matildas even if on laper the French tanks seem equal or in some ways better to me.

  • '10

    I like the Cruiser Mk IV, its role in the North Africa campaign.

  • I’ve always liked the look of the Panzer 38T.

    It hard to see Germany’s attack in the west without this Czech design. Czech tanks made up about a third of Germanys tank strength in 1940.

  • The Panzer IV is getting a lot of love in this poll. The Panzer III in the early years of the war was the German’s tank killer tank with it’s long 50mm gun. The early versions of the Panzer IV had a short 75mm gun.

    I’ll be posting the mid war years 41-43 tanks soon.

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