AA Global 40 electronic map?

  • Where can I find the AA Global 40 electronic map to download and play online?

  • It does not exist. I have typed into the developer’s message board that i would pay 29 for the game if they ever get around to coding it. Guess they are too busy or lazy or something.

  • a triplea variant of a global-like game is being worked on. that said, the current engine does not support things like airbases, convoy zones, repairing ships, or scrambling fighters. the map is in the works though, so it will be possible to play an AA50 style game on the global-like map, which should still be very satisfying. whether or not the engine will be recoded
    to support all the new rules is still an open question.

  • also, some aspects of the game can be achieved with edit, and by making changes to the units ‘in map’. for instance, by setting the fighter movement to 5, airbases need not be “coded” as such. players will simply have to be on the ball when it comes to keeping track of fighter movement, and not rely on the engine for keeping track of legal moves.

    ‘edit mode’ will be sufficient for convoy zones too.

    edit should be able to handle the ‘at war’ bonuses and adding bonus units from neutrals. which neutrals will fight can be agreed upon, and edit can be used as needed.

    major/minor factories can probably be handled by agreement and edit.

    scrambling fighters, the need for repairing ships at a port, and built in AA defense at factories are about the only things i think preventing players from playing a full blown global-like game.

  • If anyone is good at Java, feel free to step up and help.  C# is worthless to me in this.

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