• I have been playing for A&A since a couple of weeks. I also play the CPU version, but the CPU is to dumb to have interresting game.

    With my group, we play with original 2nd ed. rule and with BIDs. Extra units MUST be place on IC, so I cannot place units directly on africa. Lets say I won the bid at 22 IPCs. What do you purchase and where do you place your extra units. I usually like to put a TRAN on the med and 1 tran on the Jap sea, but this leaves me only with 1 extra inf for germany.

    Thanks for any suggestions/comments

    PS: Sorry, I usually speaks french so my english is not the best ;)

  • '10

    With a 22 bid I would place an infantry in Manchuria and a tank in Kwangtung for Japan.  Two infantry and a tank in Libya and an infantry in Eastern Europe for Germany.

    With your limitations of only being able to place on an IC I would place a transport in the Central Med and three infantry and a tank in Southern Europe.

  • If you can only place at an IC, then the choices are clearly limited (and not pleasant for the axis - you really need an inf or two in Manchuria).  I would either

    1. place inf or tanks on Germany, aiming to pressure Russia on G2 or G3.  or

    2. place transports (and possibly inf so they match) in Japan sea zone.  The aim here is to pump forces into Asia quickly, aiming to pressure Russia a turn or two earlier.

    Other than these, I don’t see any other good options…if the bid were 30+ ipcs then maybe a third option would be a couple bombers for Japan and gamble for heavy bombers with technology rolls.

  • Thanks for both answers.

    For Baker: So, in your opinion, I should forget about Africa and move directly ASAP on Russia. Is that your plan in that situation ???

    Again, thanks for the input, I think thats close to what I originaly thought.

    With that situation, what I understand, is that I should not bid 21 but higher to have a chance… ;)

  • Well there are two ways for the axis to win; either take two capitals or get an economic victory.  Yes, my plan would be to go after Russia.  I think 21 ipc might be a bit low to do this (I might give it a try for fun though).

    Taking the US or UK isn’t realistically going to happen without acheiving what would be an economic victory anyway; so what is the best way for the Axis to do this - Russia or Africa?

    In my opinion, Africa is not rich enough to justify a massive Axis attempt to hold in the early game - especially as the US/UK are always going to be able to send more resources there than the Axis.  They generally take Africa back before Japan gains enough in Asia for an economic victory. Additionally, if Germany sends too much resources there, the Russians become problematic.

    If Russia falls however, then the Axis will soon have all Asia and for an economic victory then the Axis can take a look at Africa again.

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