• Sorry if this has been already covered on this forum, but I did’nt see it anywhere.
    1.  Can the USA aquire the pro-Allied neutral Brazil when the USA is still neutral itself?
    2.  Does USSR get 5 IPC’s for no Axis sub in SZ125(either when its neutral or not?).
    3.  When French territories are taken by the Axis and then later liberated by an ally, does that territory produce IPC’s for the liberating country or revert to French control?

  • 1.  US and USSR have to be a war with euro axis to enter neutrals
    2. USSR has to be at war with the euro axis to get the NO

  • 3.  If Paris is still Axis-controlled, the IPC’s go to the liberating power.  If France has been liberated its territories are returned to French control.

  • Thank you guys!  The rules lawyers in our group had the first two wrong!

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