Transports as fodder (right offs)

  • Hi fellow Axis & Allies Players…

    Can someone give me a good explanation why a player is not allowed to use transports as fodder (right offs) in the new rules.  I personally like the rule but friends who play the game with me absolutely hate the rule and refuse to play the game with that rule.  I think the game becomes unbalanced if that new rule is not used.

    I know there must be a good explanation why this rule has changed from previous versions of Axis and Allies.  Can someone out there give me an good explanation to pass on to them as to why this new rule exists.

    Thanks so much for any answers to my question.
    Yoxford Boy

  • 2007 AAR League

    Mostly because before there was no point in buying dst and CA´s.

    The only thing needed was transports and AC+figs.

    And the whole game (sea game) became a stackfest with 10+ transports….

    I guess the point is that a fleet must fight and transports really are shitty att fighting.

    I think the rule is totally right, and i wish there was one for revised to 😃

  • The reasoning is that combat ships protect transports, not the other way around.

    Naval combat is completely changed from Revised. Mostly for the good: buying a couple of subs @ 6 paired with a decent airforce is now an option for Germany. Transports do no longer protect the fleet they should be protected by. Fighters are no longer clearly superior to any naval buy. Submarines have their unique role: attacking and sneaking throughout the oceans.

    Transports no longer able to take hits is one of those changes, to be seen in an attempt to make naval warfare more diverse and interesting. For instance in Revised, when I played Japan and USA tried to kill me, I started with a headstart in fleet, bought 4ish transports and a carrier, and was safe untill round 5, even with USA going all naval on me. This is no longer the case, which opens up new possibilities.

  • Don’t forget that AA50 also added a real DD (much different than the DD/Cruiser in Revised) that is the ‘inf of the sea’ as well as making transports ony $7 and subs cheap at $6.

    I think Nix does a good job of summarizing that navies in AA50 may need to be more than just A/C’s surrounded by transports if subs are around.  Loaded carriers protecting convoy fleets are still a good counter to a strong air force.

  • Thanks for all your imput guys…  totally makes sense.


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